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teenwire.com is an award-winning sexual health Web site for teens. We are committed to giving you the facts about sex so that you can use this information to make your own responsible choices. We provide honest and nonjudgmental information about sexuality in language you can understand with the hope that you will use this knowledge to reduce your risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

We know that sex — whether you’re sexually active or not — is a part of every teen’s life and our sexuality is a big part of who we are. We also know that sexual health isn’t only about avoiding pregnancy and preventing sexually transmitted infections. That’s why you’ll also find fresh content about self-esteem, body image, drugs and alcohol, communication, and relationship advice. Important information is also available in Spanish through the "En Español" section of the site.

teenwire.com is the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Web site for teens and is staffed by professionals who are dedicated to providing the information you need.
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