FBLA Vies for States Win

By Liz Zinckgraf

Last week, 15 students from Fu­ture Business Leaders of America went to a state conference in East Brunswick.

FBLA prepares high school stu­dents by giving them the tools they need for a future career in the busi­ness world. The club is always try­ing to familiarize the members with networking and different business options such as economics, and the recent conference aided in these ef­forts.

The first part of the conference consisted of business workshops with experienced mentors. The second part was a competition, and the third was an awards ceremony. FBLA qualified in previous compe­titions to compete in Accounting 1, Banking and Financial Systems, Business Ethics, Emerging Busi­ness Issues, Management Decision Making, and Public Speaking. Win­ners of these competitions qualified for nationals.

Business Ethics Group, Emma Frenchu, Ellen Ghong, and Robyn Guo.

Business Ethics Group, Emma Frenchu, Ellen Ghong, and Robyn Guo.

The require­ments were dif­ferent in each category. For instance, for Emerging Busi­ness Issues, the judges posed a question to the students. The competi­tors then had to pitch a busi­ness idea to the judges based on that question. If they com­peted in Public Speaking, the students had to make a speech for the judges. Other catego­ries required tests that were written or taken on the com­puter.

Some preparation was needed to get to this stage in the game. But at first, things didn’t start off so well. Senior Anthony DeOre, the presi­dent of FBLA expressed his feelings on how the club has improved. “We got off to a rocky start at the begin­ning of the year as we needed to find new advisers, which unfortunately took quite awhile,” he said. After they found new advisers, it became a lot easier to organize more ac­tivities and things could really get started.

First, to qualify for states, they had to study for a regional competi­tive event. Then, they held a fund­raiser with Joe Corbi’s pizza to help pay for their participation in states.

Every member of FBLA was determined to get everything done that was necessary. “Having moti­vating members is never a problem for me because they all have that drive to prepare and do the best they can for these events,” DeOre said.

In the statewide competition, Hunterdon Central finished in 5th place out of nine teams total, which did not qualify them for nationals. However, the underclassmen have big plans to make sure they improve next year. “Next year we are planning on creating new fundraising tactics, keeping the club better organized so we can communicate with the members, and promoting the club at Central,” said junior Varahi Trivedi. This drive to win carried them through this competition, and will spur them on in future ones.

Featured Image Courtesy of Emma Frenchu

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